"Danielle was a wonderful doula. She is warm, knowledgeable, and very supportive.

She's great company to have around and can help around the house, care for the baby while you shower or nap, and she can teach some newborn basic care. She's very knowledgeable about breastfeeding, pumping, and bottle feeding. I highly recommend her."

Alex C. Feb 2020

"I highly recommend Danielle.  She is knowledgable and caring and has been amazing with our infant son.  We have worked with several care providers and she is one of the absolute best."

Trish M Jan 2020

"We hired Danielle after the birth of our second baby to help us get some much-needed sleep.  We knew we didn't want a night nurse or someone who would provide a lot of guidance about how we should be doing things or convincing us we needed to sleep train our baby.  We wanted a compassionate, non-judgmental caretaker who would follow our lead as parents while helping get our son to sleep.  Danielle fit the bill perfectly.  She was extremely patient with our son, who was often gassy, difficult to soothe, and would take a long time to fall asleep.  She kept a detailed log of his night and emailed it in the morning so we would know his patterns.  Very importantly, she didn't judge our parenting style or provide input we weren't looking for.  She was extremely unobtrusive, which we really appreciated.  As soon as she would arrive, I felt comfortable handing our son off to her because I knew he was in good hands.  Danielle's knowledge and her calming demeanor would be an asset to new and experienced parents alike struggling in the postpartum period."  

Summer G Jan 2020

"Danielle came to stay overnight with me and my daughter seven nights over the course of four weeks when my daughter was just a few days old to four weeks. I am a first-time, single mom. I had some nursing issues early on and was having to wake up every 2-3 hours to pump and nurse. I was very exhausted when she first came to us. Danielle was loving to my daughter, supportive of me, professional and generous with recommendations. She was instrumental to our first few weeks. I highly recommend her."

Krista P Dec 2019

Danielle is awesome!

We hired Danielle during the first week postpartum at home because my daughter was having trouble latching. Because of the latching issues, the pediatrician at the hospital initially had us start off with formula feeding while pumping to maintain supply. I definitely wanted to breastfeed, so we hired Danielle to guide us through it. I continued to work part time through my whole pregnancy and postpartum period, so I also needed to make sure I would have enough milk supply for the days I would be at work.

Danielle came to our apartment and talked us through all of it— proper latching, breastfeeding positions, pumping, milk storage etc. We were able to transition to breastfeeding exclusively within a few days.

And Danielle made it easy! I felt very comfortable as we “practiced” until I felt successful feeding my daughter in different positions and confident that we could do it later on our own. Which we did!


Danielle also guided us through some other basics that were new to us as first time parents. Our daughter was escaping out of all her swaddles, so we got to practice that together until we felt confident our little master escape artist baby would be swaddled safely. I also had a bunch of baby carriers I had received as hand-me-downs that I wanted practice with so Danielle got us going on that as well.


That first week postpartum was challenging for us. Having Danielle’s comforting help and expert guidance on our lactation issues and all those little extras was invaluable.


She is a gem!

Luiza K Dec 2019

"Danielle helped us for a few weeks following the birth of our first child in August 2019.

From the moment she arrived Danielle was a calm and reassuring presence in our home.

She was patient with all our questions and taught both my husband and I various skills around feeding, sterilization, bathing and newborn and family care. She was particularly helpful and supportive while I learnt how to breastfeed. Danielle was always kind and soothing with our baby and we trust Danielle completely with her care. Our extended family members who also met Danielle commented on her friendly manner and helpful approach. We would recommend Danielle for all families seeking support from a kind, considerate, knowledgeable and non-judgemental Doula.

Thank you Danielle!"

Ally S-K Oct 2019

"Danielle was a kind and supportive help during our post-partum experience.

After having our first child, we had tons of questions and felt like we needed a lot of guidance in taking care of our newborn. Danielle was patient with us and provided the support we needed, which was an ear to listen and share her experiences and knowledge. She also provided specific tips to make breastfeeding more comfortable for me and baby that really helped. We would highly recommend Danielle to anyone looking for extra help during this period."

Debbie L Sept 2019