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A Snapshot at One Month Postpartum


This is my favorite photo of my own postpartum journey catching quite a bit of detail within one capture. This was one of the rare naps that coincided with my daughter’s, clearly in the middle of the day. I am wrapped up in my blanket because my body was either freezing cold or fiercely sweating, a byproduct of unbalanced hormones. I am lying on a towel which is collecting pools of leaking breastmilk. My cell phone was always closeby to help pass the time through what seemed like never-ending feedings.


I became a postpartum doula two years after the birth of my daughter. Knowing what I know now, I have loads of encouragement and guidance to offer the new mom in this picture. The most important piece of advice, which should be every new parent's mantra, is IT GETS EASIER! There will be a time when your baby realizes that night time is the time to sleep and eventually in longer spurts. Your body will get stronger with every passing day. Your hormones will find balance. Your breasts will stop leaking.

You will find your groove!

And in the meantime, there are many valuable resources available to help new moms overcome any physical, emotional or social barriers presented in the initial postpartum period.

If you are interested in hiring a postpartum doula, please contact me and let's discuss what you anticipate needing or what you currently feel you need and how I can best support you!


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